Who We Are

Grace Church is a Parish in the Diocese of Virginia which traces it’s roots to the church of the Jamestown Settlement which was established in 1607.  We are part of the Episcopal Church which is a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
             As part of the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church thinks of itself as both catholic and reformed, taking a road that is decidedly the “middle way.”  The Episcopal Church has a reputation as a “liberal” church since we do not rigidly legislate the lives and beliefs of our members.  The “three legged stool” of Anglican thought defines our path in light of scripture, tradition, and reason.  Because we believe that God is constantly renewing creation and is active in our development and life we tend to be a little suspicious of fixed rules and regulations. 
Membership is not a requirement for participation in the life of this or any other Episcopal congregation.  Our sacramental and pastoral ministries are offered freely to all. 
We at Grace Church invite you to join us in worship and fellowship.